Monday, April 28, 2008

Top Neocon Calls For Destruction Of Constitution

So neocons don't frighten you? Have you been paying attention? They are why the US is occupying Iraq for Christ's sake.

The really scary part of all of this is they... never... give... up. They're like fucking badgers. Only rabid.
In a recent edition of the Austin-American Statesman a book review of Phillip Bobbitt's new book Terror and Consent goes into how the book calls for the shredding of the Constitution. The article written by James E. McWilliams features an image of the Constitution being torn with a big bold headline that states "Everything must go." The words "How to Fight Terrorism", are put in place of where the Constitution is torn. The article is blatant propaganda to make people think that the answer to fight terrorism is to destroy the Constitution. As disgusting as this is, the contents of Bobbitt's book advocates exactly what the picture depicts. Bobbitt endorses using nongovernmental organizations and multinational corporations to take over the roles and functions of nation states. He also endorses giving the United Nations the authority to wage war without approval from the Security Council and the use of non-lethal chemical weapons to fight terrorism. If he really wanted to end terrorism using non-lethal chemical weapons, he should be endorsing the use of non-lethal chemical weapons on the headquarters of the CIA, British Intelligence and Mossad because that's where the majority of terrorism comes from. Of course, Bobbitt won't mention that fact.

Another frightening thing is how their persistence might win out. Its like raising kids. They nag and nag and plead and whine and eventually most parents say, "Enough already." And they give in to the little shits. Only in this case, it means people die.

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