Sunday, May 25, 2008

Anything goes in the Libertarian Party tent - NSFW

When they call themselves Libertarians, they ain't fucking kidding.
It's the strippers who give it away, the not very well kept secret that the Libertarian Party Convention is a little different.

At the average mainstream major party convention, such things as adult entertainment are off campus, left to delegates to find themselves. At the Libertarian fest in the basement ballroom of a Denver hotel, the strip club has its own booth.

And why not? Libertarians detest the idea of the government regulating morality.

And in a related story with the headline: Will Libertarians draw conservatives from McCain?
For years, conservative-minded home schooling mom Shana Kluck of Tuscaloosa, Ala., voted Republican. No longer.

Fed up with big government at home and military intervention overseas, she worked for Ron Paul in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination. Now that he's fallen short, she's switching parties, traveling to Denver this weekend to help former Republican Congressman Bob Barr win the Libertarian presidential nomination.

OK, they have Shana Kluck for now (she hasn't seen the strippers?) but maybe not other conservatives who read that first story.

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