Friday, May 02, 2008


I was watching a story on CNN about the economic crunch. A story I might add which will be seen on cable and satellite stations around the world.

They were talking to a family somewhere in the US. Some things happened in the report before it dawned on me the significance of it all.

They live in a fairly large brick home.

The family drives a [a or an? I never know] SUV. I believe I saw a new model sedan in the driveway too.

The teenage daughter in the family has her own SUV. She complains about having only enough money to keep it in fuel.

As they were talking about how badly they're being squeezed by the crunch of the economy, the father/husband was putting what appeared to be about 4 lbs (9 kg) of beef steaks on an outdoor grill.

These people are supposed to elicit fucking sympathy? From whom?

Didn't work for me.



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