Saturday, May 17, 2008

License Plate Controversy

Hey, I'm not one to side with the fundies as a rule, but this is fucking ridiculous.

Who gives a shit if someone has a cross, image of Christ or a star of David on their license plate?

You? Then you are a thin skinned, anal retentive asshole.

This has nothing to do with separation of church and state. The state would be providing license plates some in the public want. Big deal. As long as they don't require me or you to have such a license plate its a non-issue.

I'm personally no more offended by this than those who have "Jesus is Lord" or "God is great" in their rear window. They have every right to do such.
Christian-themed license plates are inching closer to becoming legal in South Carolina, setting up a new constitutional showdown over freedom of expression and the wall between church and state. The proposed plate would carry the words "I believe" in front of an image of the cross. [OMG!]

The popularity of personalized and thematic plates is exploding nationwide, as Stefan Lonce outlines in his upcoming book LCNS2ROM—License to Roam: Vanity License Plates and the GR8 Stories They Tell.

But it's also proving to be a legal nightmare, as political forces battle over what is acceptable. A DMV administrator in South Dakota recently testified before the state legislature on behalf of banning personalized plates altogether, saying it makes the state vulnerable to First Amendment lawsuits. After all, what is perfectly reasonable to one person may be offensive to another.

Perhaps its just me, but offending others because of my self expression is of no concern.

Yeah, I know the image is from Florida. Closest I could find.

BTW, I still have no idea what 2Xtian4aPl8 means (at the link).

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Blogger New Yorks Finest said...

If an individal can Have a Gay pride sticker on there car which may irritate some ,then an individual also has a right to have a plate with a Cross on it as well. I believe as long as the context of these things aren't racist than there should not be an issue. (Do remember our country was founded on God) so I take no offense to this personally.

7/17/2008 07:30:00 AM  

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