Saturday, May 03, 2008

McCain clarifies remark about oil, Iraq war (AP)

One thing you should expect of a Presidential hopeful or a President is carefully worded statements. Preferably these should be written comments so they're very precise with absolutely no ambiguity.

John, baby, there are no "do overs" in the Presidency. Say what you mean the first time.
Republican John McCain was forced to clarify his comments Friday suggesting the Iraq war involved U.S. reliance on foreign oil. He said he was talking about the first Gulf War and not the current conflict.

To be fair, which I really hate to do, all the candidates from the start of this protracted campaign season have made similar statements on this or that subject. This just happens to be one of the most recent. It still holds. What you say should not need later "clarification" if that's really what it is rather than spin.

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