Saturday, May 10, 2008

Personal? Firefox?

I have this little Firefox extension which by description sounded pretty kewl. It rates URLs when you mouse over a link. In reality it's total shit and I can't figure out how to kill it.

Come on now. "Trustworthiness"? Possibly. "Reliability"? Whatever that means (yellow/orange is not good) I don't know, but think I'm relatively reliable. "Privacy"? I am paranoid about my own privacy and would never compromise another's.

Then it gets very fucking good. "Child safety". If you're talking about porn, yes SPIIDERWEB™ is safe. If you are suggesting I might be a predator, I'm safe (as in I am not a predator). If you're talking about exposing your goddamn young ones to cursing, and varying degrees of profanity, then I'm not safe at all.

Or...WOT indeed.



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