Sunday, May 04, 2008

‘Senior U.S. Official’: McCain’s Plan To Kick Russia Out Of The G8 Is ‘Impossible’ And ‘Just A Dumb Thing’

I run into such horrid mistakes all the time and am amazed professionals do this.

Were the proofreaders rather than the lawyers the first to be killed? Just asking.
In his March 26 speech on foreign policy, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) laid out what Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria calls “the most radical idea put forward by a major candidate for the presidency in 25 years.” McCain, seeking to make “his most comprehensive statement” yet on foreign policy, declared that Russia should be kicked out of the G8, of which it has been a member since 1997:
The Group of Eight, or G-8, as it’s popularly known, makes decisions by consensus, so no single nation can kick out another. Most experts say the six other countries — Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Canada — would never agree to toss Russia, given their close economic ties to their neighbor. [emphasis moi]

Fareed, may I suggest if you start with eight countries and are talking about eliminating one, it is seven, not six who would be responsible.

Its a simple equation a child could understand: 8-1=7! Capice?

As for the meat and potatoes of the item, McCain's suggestion, it not worth comment. He's an ass and proves it over and over. The US need not the reincarnation of the village idiot.

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