Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barack Obama Visits Flood Zone Victims In Illinois

I'm sort of on a twofer jag right now.

A couple comments about this story.

1. Yes. Obama is campaigning and photo ops like this are invaluable and demonstrate his compassion and concern for Americans.

2. I've not read anywhere in the media about the moron visiting the Mid-West. Oh yeah. He's pressing flesh several thousand miles away. No sense in coming back to the US just because of a fucking catastrophe.

Starting with 9/11, which the idiot has milked for all its worth, to Katrina to the Mid-West to military funerals its obvious the moron doesn't and never did give a shit about Americans. I can't wait until he's out of office and hope no one like him ever gets elected again.

Can I get an amen?
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has given hands-on help in

He helped locals in the town of Quincy to fill sandbags to place on the banks of the Mississippi river, which is swelling to dangerous levels.

Authorities predict it will rise to record levels next week.

Mr Obama said: "Since I've been involved in public office we've not seen this kind of devastation."

He pledged to push federal and state governments to provide aid to the affected areas.

Mr Obama had been scheduled to campaign in nearby Iowa, but that state is also badly affected by flooding and he did not want to draw government resources away from battling the problems.

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