Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Group Forms To Head Off War on Iran

Tehran, capital of Iran

Thank God, perhaps cooler heads will prevail. And the Iranians will only have to fear Mother Nature who can really be a mother.
Representatives of Left and Right Seek To Push America Into Talks With Tehran An unusual coalition of interest groups from left and right is launching a drive today to head off an American military attack on Iran by pushing America into high-level negotiations with Tehran. The Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran, which bills itself as "transpartisan," consists of more than three dozen organizations, most of them left-leaning, such as the American Friends Service Committee, the Institute for Policy Studies, and the Open Society Policy Center, which is backed by George Soros. However, the campaign also has the backing of a smattering of right-of-center groups, including the American Conservative Defense Alliance, the Libertarian Party, and the American Cause, which is headed by Patrick Buchanan.

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