Thursday, June 12, 2008

House votes to send impeachment resolution to Judiciary Committee

This is a must read for those who think anything will come of Rep Dennis Kucinich's fucking impeachment measure.

If the goddamn Democrats are unwilling to do anything about Cheney, they sure as hell won't do anything about the moron.

That's your representative government at work. Or rather not doing their jobs at all.
The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to send articles of impeachment against President Bush to the Judiciary Committee for review.

[t]he impeachment resolution's sponsor, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, requested a recorded vote on the motion around 3 p.m. Wednesday, and 20 Republicans joined nearly all Democrats in voting to send the impeachment measure to the committee, according to a vote count on C-SPAN.

The motion passed 251-166.

"It is imperative that Members of Congress have a thorough opportunity to read the Articles of Impeachment and study the documentation," Kucinich said in a news release Tuesday. "When they do, I am confident that they will agree that it is both appropriate and necessary for the Judiciary Committee to begin hearings on the Resolution."

Kucinich took to the floor of the House Monday evening to read his 35 articles of impeachment, accusing Bush of war crimes, breaking his oath of office and misleading Americans to launch an illegal invasion of Iraq. The Ohio Democrat said impeachment was the only way to keep Bush from launching another invasion of Iran.

The Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), already has before it articles of impeachment aimed at Vice President Dick Cheney. Since receiving that impeachment measure in November, the committee has done nothing.

Democratic leaders in the House seem determined to block the latest impeachment measure as well, and it remains all-but-impossible that the House would proceed with impeachment hearings before Bush leaves office.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sticking by her earlier pledge to make sure impeaching Bush and Cheney is an option that remains strictly "off the table."

Of course the Democrats voted to move the measure on, realizing its the equivalent of sending it to the round file. They can look like "heroes" to the electorate with no repercussions to them when the measure simply dies in committee.

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