Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The service industries

My last post mentioned a dead horse I can't seem to avoid beating. No, I don't mean the SPAM® (That's hog.) or the hot dogs (I assume they're never horse meat.).

No I mean the excerpt below. Service industry work is honest work, but it doesn't pay very well and essentially produces nothing.

People make good money, economies grow and the country is much better off if things are being manufactured, but you knew that.

Why do you think the military industrial complex, big oil, Caterpillar®, the automobile industry are all championed by government? They actually produce exportable fucking products and provide decent paying jobs.

Like it or not, Caterpillar® is still the gold standard around the world for mining, construction, earth moving, logging.

The government could have done better. They could have coerced, cajoled, pushed, encouraged the auto industry into building smaller, fuel efficient cars, but didn't. They let the industry drag its feet until now it has no choice.
...can’t afford to rent a room on service-industry wages.

I've known very few in service work who could afford to live alone. They need others to contribute to the rent, utilities, insurance. Forget that last one. I've known few who bought insurance.

Eventually most people will be in the service sector and will just be selling to each other while the US economic standing in the world collapses. You don't build a robust economy with service and pushing money around.

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