Saturday, June 14, 2008

Taliban attack helps inmates escape Afghan prison

A guard watches over inmates in the
courtyard at Kandahar jail in 2001.
Suspected Taliban militants attacked
a prison in the southern Afghan city
of Kandahar late Friday and freed a
number of prisoners, intelligence and
police officials said. (AFP/File/
Banaras Khan)

Yes, you're memory is correct. That's the same Taliban the moron and other leaders of countries who supplied coalition forces said had been defeated years ago. To all those leaders I say, "Use a fucking dictionary before throwing around words like 'defeated' next time."
"In Afghanistan, coalition forces and their Afghan allies drove the Taliban from power in less than two months."

-- The moron in the White House
-- Addressing US Air Force Academy
-- Graduating class of 2008
-- May 28, 2008

Its comforting to know all those Taliban militants are were behind bars.


Taliban militants staged a brazen bomb and rocket attack on the main prison in southern Afghanistan late Friday, blowing down the gate and helping hundreds of suspected insurgents flee, officials said. Many police officers were reported killed.

The complex attack included a truck bombing at the main gate, a suicide bomber who struck a back wall and rockets fired from outside, setting of a series of explosions that rattled Kandahar, the country's second biggest city.

A Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousef Ahmadi, said 30 insurgents on motorbikes and two suicide bombers attacked Sarposa Prison and freed about 400 Taliban members.

Abdul Qabir, chief of the Sarposa Prison, also said hundreds of prisoners escaped, but did not provide an exact figure. He said some inmates stayed at the jail, which also held criminals.

Wali Karzai, the brother of President Hamid Karzai who is president of Kandahar's provincial council, said the prison held about 350 suspected Taliban fighters.

He said "all" the prisoners escaped, but also had no specific number. "There is no one left," he said.

BTW, if you search Google News for "Taliban Defeated" you get screen after screen of stories stating the Taliban can not be defeated. Everyone knows it except the idiot and his cabal of neocons. Oh yeah, and John McSame.

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