Friday, June 13, 2008

Are you missing a Boeing 727?

This story popped up a couple days ago, but being a lazy ass blogger I didn't mention it. I shall now.

It may take a lot of work, but it seems by contacting Boeing they could determine the original owner. Then start down the ownership chain until they find out who owned it last. Seems pretty fucking straight forward to me.
Vietnamese authorities say they are mystified as to who owns a Boeing 727 which has been abandoned at Hanoi's Noi Bai airport. The plane was flown in from Siem Reap in neighboring Cambodia in late 2007 and has been unclaimed ever since.
An airport official said that they believe the owners could be an airline based in Cambodia. The official said that if it remains unclaimed, the plane will have be scraped [sic]. The plane has a Cambodian flag on its fuselage and is emblazoned with the name Air Dream, but the authorities say they have no information about the airline.

BTW, rather than scrap the goddamn thing they could just give it to me. I'll find a pilot to fly it out of there. Its rather old, but someone would buy it from me.

I'm already working on the advert for it:
For sale - make offer. One used Boeing 727. In proper flying condition. Only flown by little old grandmothers to church (my assumption), but never over economical cruising speed of 865km/h (467kt). Typical two class seating for 94, max seating for 131. More specifications here. Any changes to number of seats is your responsibility, but I can arrange for it. Can also arrange for repainting in livery of your choice at an additional cost. Am assuming its a 727-200, however it may be a 727-100 (no winglets). We can negotiate. No agents. Principals only. I can be reached via this website (email address on sidebar).

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