Sunday, June 08, 2008

Unemployment up because more people want jobs, says Bush

I got this via Ted Compton who got it from Raw Story who got it from CNN who probably got it from an "unidentified source".

Hey, we're all link whores.

Anyway, this is almost priceless. People are unemployed because...they want to work.


Here's my take on this. If you found a rhesus monkey with HIV and dandruff, in the late stages of Alzheimer's, a thumb missing and one testicle you could have a better president than the moron you now have.
During an economic speech today, President Bush partly blamed a dramatic rise in unemployment on new workers entering the workforce. Later, in a CNN interview, Bush Labor Secretary Elaine Chao also said that the increase the unemployment rate was "caused in part by a surge of young entrants into the job market."

This is a fucking new phenomenon. Usually there are no young entrants into the job market. The idiot was shocked by this.

Note: For the record, to the best of my limited knowledge, the above anthropoid is both male and in possession of both his balls. This, of course, is pure unadulterated speculation on my part.

Hey, I still wanna have a beer with Bush, but only if he's buying.

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Blogger Richard Jennings said...

Unemployment is a statistic. One person that wants to find a job is not a statistic...if one wants one job they will find it:

You see?

6/09/2008 01:13:00 AM  
Blogger SPIIDERWEB™ said...

I rarely disagree with comments, but this is an exception.


I've been turned down for jobs because I was under qualified, over qualified, too old, too young.

I know many who had rejection problems because of no permanent address or a phone number.

They had no permanent address or a phone number because they were fucking unemployed.

I welcome you to the goddamn real world.

6/09/2008 08:16:00 AM  

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