Sunday, February 07, 2010

Do not get sick and avoid accidents

NHS = National Health Service (UK)

Universal health care is so important in England its a campaign issue worth stressing. It used to be one in the US too.

Yeah I know the heading is the fucking Repugs idea of health care but its the best option out there right now. Don't require medical attention.

I'm for pushing the single payer plan. It won't be easy and will leave scars, but its what Americans need and want. It's something Americans will realize they couldn't live without. People are dying out there.

Go to an emergency room and look around for a while (I have). Talk to someone in a grocery store who's buying food with food stamps and ask them how they like their health care plan and they'll tell you they have none (I've done this too).

I have medicare, but its a useless plastic card which covers hospital costs only and isn't valid at all where I live. True US universal health care won't affect me, but it will affect millions of Americans. Is it socialism? It sure as hell is, but its good socialism; the kind that cares for people.

Obama is poised to becoming a one term President. His legacy should be to provide universal health care no matter what it takes. He should play ruthless hardball and force Congress to send him a bill he promised and the American public has been waiting for. He doesn't need big pharma and insurance companys' money for re-election because, at this point, re-election isn't a viable possibility.

Will the Senate filibuster? They will. Let 'em. Let them completely shut down Congress. Can they do it for 3 years? I doubt it and no new laws may be a God damn blessing anyway.

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