Saturday, February 06, 2010

Iran opens two new missile plants

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Why exactly does Ahmadinejad find it necessary to piss everyone off every week or so? Is it internal PR or what? Is it the fucking banty rooster syndrome? Is he just totally bonkers? For some reason I think he's far too intelligent to not realize he's painting a target on his chest.
Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi opened two new missile production plants on Saturday, just three days after Iran fired a rocket carrying live animals into space, state television reported.
Ya know my problem is I'm relatively sane (sort of). Which means I can't possibly think of all the manipulative reasons for anything political. Who is the audience? Is the audience the US, Iranians, Venezuela, the Supreme Leader, Israel? Is it saber rattling or serious? Is an action that appears military merely a ploy to get a favorable oil sale agreement? Is Ahmadinejad on drugs? Does he have extras? Does Ahmadinejad have a small penis? Is he really trying to provoke a war?

Why hasn't my head exploded?

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