Monday, February 22, 2010

Figure skating

Mirai Nagasu

This will be a quick write up. I probably won't actually post it for a few days.

I don't catch a lot of figure skating on TV, but I needed this at this time. I usually don't watch unless I have the sound off because too many skaters use the same fucking music and have for years. It makes no sense there are all those skating coaches and they don't commit suicide as do so many lemmings.

But I have to watch Asses on Ice (literally) which was billed as the 2010 US Women's Figure Skating Championships. It will take my mind off other problems and let me concentrate on their problems instead. Only three did not fall (four, but one came very close).. It is a complete train wreck, but the talent is definitely there. And they are mostly so young they're going to amaze people in the years ahead.

No, I'm not one who watches auto races for the accidents. I'm always pulling for skaters, drivers and all athletes to nail their performances.

I've been in competitions and know the hours, sacrifices and costs involved in reaching top levels (no I was never that good, but...)

The point I'm going to make is, finally, if you practice for hours, years and continually have a problem with a move you will “catch” the errors of your competitors. The mistakes are contageous and the “fall” and “stumble” viruses were running rampant this year.

Oh yeah, IMHO Mirai Nagasu was robbed.

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