Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Stupid question:Why do liberals insist that the freedom enjoyed by a child is superior to that treasured by adults?

Duh!!1!!! Because its true? Liberals know this because they live in a reality based world.

Why do liberals insist that the freedom enjoyed by a child is superior to that treasured by adults?

And where did I find such a fucking stupid question? Why, at Of course.

Where the author turned right around and proved my point:

There’s a lot of freedom that comes with being a child. Food, shelter — all the important day-to-day stuff — is handled for you. You are left to do as you please throughout most of the day, and while there are a few things you are forced to do, such as go to school and eat your vegetables, these are inarguably for your betterment. There are few real worries when the necessities of survival are guaranteed by your parents, who allow you to be content and carefree. In a way, that’s true freedom.

Being an adult is quite different. Food and shelter are your own responsibilities, and bills need to be paid or you end up starving and on the street. Though left to make your own choices, you can easily make foolish ones, and no one is there to stop you from making them. Your whole life is now in your own hands, and if you tried living as carefree as a child, your house and your job and everything you own would soon be gone. In a way, it’s an oppressive existence.

The God damn nutter keeps saying, "in a way". No you fucking ass, childhood is "freedom" and adulthood is "oppressive" and those are your words. There are fun/free times as an adult, but its more work than fun. Capisci?

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Blogger Martha Bridegam said...

Maybe it's that yr basic right-winger could see allowing a person either freedom from economic control or freedom from tutelage, but not both at the same time -- that would be too scary.

2/07/2011 12:14:00 PM  
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