Friday, March 24, 2006

Abstinence May Not Work?

Can we hope people are finally waking up? I really hope so. Just get these programs out of our schools. And kudos to Rhode Island, I'm sure they're throwing away a lot of money on principle.
Last Wednesday, the state Department of Education (RIDE) Commissioner Peter McWalters sent a letter to all school districts stating the program, run by Heritage Rhode Island, had been deemed inconsistent with the Rhode Island’s education standards. "This program should therefore not be offered as part of the public school health curriculum," he said.

We owe our children much more than such narrow minded, simplistic and unworkable programs. We must educate our kids so they understand consequences of unprotected sex and how to protect themselves. Telling a hormonally charged teenager to just "say no" is unreasonable and the kids know it.

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