Saturday, March 25, 2006

Is This The Trigger?

Bush has been waiting for justification to invade Iran. Is this latest info the trigger he needs?
With diplomatic moves to halt its nuclear program at an impasse, Iran is moving faster than expected and is now just days from taking the first steps toward enriching uranium, according to diplomats who have been briefed on the program.

If engineers encounter no major technical problems, Iran could manufacture enough highly enriched uranium to build a bomb within three years, much more quickly than the common estimate of five to 10 years, the diplomats said.

The identities are buried in the article, but the diplomats are from the UN and were talking to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) officials. The IAEA has monitors inside Iran.

This is the real deal. These are real WMD. Of course they aren't there now, but they weren't in Iraq either.

Does Congress need a second illegal attack on a foreign country before impeaching Bush's ass?

Don't forget Iran has signed onto the Nonproliferation treaty as has the US.

The Russians and the Chinese fear that taking too hard of a line would lead to an escalation of tensions that could result in military action against Iran. They believe sanctions and other measures designed to isolate Iran might push it to abandon the nonproliferation treaty, which keeps international inspectors in the country.

Ain't it fun playing with Armageddon?

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