Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Try as I might, I can't avoid getting sucked into this debate. There's too much at stake to remain on the fence. I've suggested my thoughts previously by posting about Roberto Salazar's situation. The final bill will affect millions of good people.
Senate Democrats pushed for a vote on a bipartisan immigration bill that would allow the illegal immigrants to remain in the country and become permanent residents after paying $2,000 fines and back taxes, learning English and working six years.

My inclination would be to skip the fines and make sure the workers have a reasonable period of time to pay back taxes. I think 20 years is reasonable. Most are already in poor paying jobs and shouldn't be pushed further into poverty. But the idiot in chief is pushing for a guest worker (read slave labor) program and insists on impediments to citizenship.
The White House repeated President Bush's call for a temporary worker plan as a way to identify the millions of illegal immigrants in the country. The administration said in a statement it wants a bill that does not create "an automatic path to citizenship."

When will someone in Congress call bullshit on Bush?

Identify workers as guest workers instead of slaves so they aren't affected by minimum wage laws and other worker safeguards. Name captured people enemy combatants instead of prisoners of war so you can ignore the Geneva Conventions. Name our illegal attack of Iran as a war so he can claim war president powers.

It's all smoke, mirrors and lies. I have to give credit to Bush's linguists. They know how to label any situation, policy or action so as to provide Bush the friendliest of definitions which never include reality. Hell, they even say he was elected and given a mandate.


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