Thursday, June 01, 2006

Eight Random Facts About Me

Thanx a lot, Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast. As if blogging isn't hard enough already.

1. Think the greatest thing in nature is sunrises. Almost never am awake at sunrise unless I just hadn't gone to bed yet.
2. Used to drive an SUV. Drive something bigger now. I know. Me bad.
3. No surprise, but I can't look at or listen to Bush. I get ill reading his words.
4. Feel others' opinions of me are none of my business, but can't stand being disliked.
5. Have no ability to learn a foreign language. Can pronounce words correctly, with an accent even, but can't read, understand or converse in any language except, to a limited extent, English.
6. Do not fear death. If there is a heaven, I'm sure I qualify for entry. If there's nothing, what's to worry?
7. Though educated in Economics and Business, don't believe free enterprise is the only answer. A combination of limited socialism and lightly regulated competion most likely is the answer.
8. When I have time to read (rarely), I only read non-fiction, Humor (think Douglas Adams or Dave Barry) or mystery novels. OK, I've read Kurt Vonegutt and JD Salinger. Well, there are others. I guess this whole random fact is basically a lie.

I have to admit, Jill, this wasn't quite the excruciating chore I expected.

Tag time. Eight facts if you can, but fewer are acceptable.

Bad Attitudes
(at least one of you)
Big Shot Bob (and he is) in Texas.
Any other blogger who visits my site. I really have no idea if any others do. I suspect Atrios does because he's dumbfounded by my posts, but I may be wrong on that one.

If you fall into that last category, please post a comment so I'm sure not to miss your facts list. In fact I'd just like a comment so I know you visit sometimes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I love Horses, thus the front yard is covered with them. (and horseshit, watch your step)
2. I can hit 95 out 100 with any kind of a rifle but I haven't hunted since 1975.
3. I ALWAYS read Molly Ivins and Geov Parrish.
4. I am a Politician and I study the CONSTITUTION constantly.
5. I'm a widower but I don't mind being alone, most times I prefer it. (Wyoming's good for that)
6.I'm just now learning to type and use a computer, since December.
7. I've got two kids, grown.
8. I've got two good friends, Dave and Wil.
9.I can ALMOST stand my own cooking.
10. I'm Jewish.
Mike Meyer-member Voter Initiative Political Party of Wyoming(VIPP)

6/03/2006 10:18:00 AM  
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