Saturday, July 15, 2006

Complete Unmitigated Bullshit

There's no other way to look at it.
President Bush refused to press Israel for a cease-fire in Mideast violence Friday, risking a wider breach with world leaders at a weekend summit already confronting crises with Iran and North Korea.

Flying here from Germany, Bush called the leaders of Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan to explore ways to end three days of furious fighting between Israel and Hezbollah militants in Lebanon. Turning aside complaints that Israel is using excessive force, Bush rejected a cease-fire plea from Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora.

"The president is not going to make military decisions for Israel," White House press secretary Tony Snow said. He said it was unlikely that either side would agree to a cease-fire now. [emphasis mine]

The moron-in-chief has made a military decision for Israel and it's to bomb the hell out of Lebanon.

This is a completely one sided battle given Israel's (mostly US supplied) military strength. Israel is showing no restraint and no compassion for innocents.

Hey, now I get it, duh. It's the Bushco game plan. Attack like a rabid dog and innocent civilians be damned. Why not? Its worked so well in Afganistan and Iraq.

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