Thursday, July 13, 2006

Security Bombshell

Larry C Johnson over at NO QUARTER says Suskind's new book, unlike the NYTimes, LATimes and WSJ actually did reveal a Top Secret operation not known to the public. The meat of it.
The Terrorism Section of the Department of Justice, on twenty-four-hour call, kicked into gear. In an arrangement with the U.S. Federal Court for the Eastern district of Virginia, based in Alexandria, they issued an instantaneous subpoena. It allowed Western Union--a U.S.-based company--to notify FBIK and CIA about which location the oney was being wired to, and who was picking it up. All of it occurred in minutes. Israeli intelligence ooficers were hailed. They raced, silently, to the right Western Union office in Hebron, and then followed the PIJ courier to his safe house in the West Bank. From there, electronic surveillance equipment swiftly tracked communications to other cells in the Palestinian territories.

I agree completely with Larry. This had nothing to do with spying on Americans and was effective in "following the money" of terrorists.

PS: I cut and pasted that so all typos are in the original.

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