Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel-Lebanon Is Getting Teh Serious

Hardly a decent title, but... This is getting out of hand faster than Bushco in Iraq. Where are the peace brokers? Here's something from someone "on the ground":
This will have serious repercussions in Lebanese politics. It could start another civil war. The Shi’a overwhelmingly support Hizbullah and the other political parties of the March 14 alliance are in a bad spot. Who will reign in Hizbullah? Will Lebanon’s already fragile political arrangement collapse into a Shi’ites vs. everyone else arrangement, with Iran, Syria and Hizbullah on one side and Christians, Druze and Sunnis on the other backed up by … Israel? And/or the United States and France? I’m just not sure how many Christians will turn on Hizbullah, even though they blame them for bringing the wrath of Israel down on the country.

From my limited perspective it seems impossible for any of this to be without ramifications throughout the Middle East. It appears the neocons are getting exactly what they were looking for, complete instability in Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palistine, etc. Everything ripe for Bushco to take control which its incapable of doing.


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