Saturday, July 15, 2006

Embrionic Stem Cell Research. Shrubs First Veto?

Its about time this bill is introduced and long past time for passage. The US, which arguably has some of the finest research facilities in the world, is falling way behind other countries which has not only medical, but financial implications.

BTW, does that look like any baby you've ever seen? Just asking.
Majority Leader Bill Frist predicted on Friday the U.S. Senate would pass legislation next week expanding federal stem cell research, likely triggering a veto from President George W. Bush with unpredictable political repercussions.

Bush has vowed to cast his first veto to block the research that many believe could lead to new treatments for diseases including diabetes and Parkinson's. The president says it is morally unacceptable to destroy an embryo even for scientific research.

But those who back the research, including some Republicans like Frist who also oppose abortion rights, note that excess embryos at fertility clinics would be destroyed anyway and should be used in research that could revolutionize medicine during the next decade.

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