Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Must Read IMHO

This from Under the Same Sun:
Let's consider the pluses and minuses [of the results of the election for the economy of the D.C. region:]

The big negative is that the government-contracting gravy train, which the regional economy has been riding for the past four years, just jumped the tracks. It's not only that the war in Iraq will start to wind down, along with all the logistical support and reconstruction work that goes with it. Even more significantly, the Democratic Congress is about to lift the veil on the orgy of contractor waste, fraud and abuse that has gone unchecked at the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies and the Homeland Security Department.

The process of De-Halliburtonization will lead to a cutback in defense and homeland security contracting, a squeeze on contractor profits, a hit to share prices and a noticeable deceleration in wage increases for key employees.

Now tell me why anyone would be anti-business. All this is true, but a negative?


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