Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My perspective

I'm sad.

George W Bush has taken the presidency twice illegally. He's attacked two countries illegally. He's destroyed the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. He's ruined many good government programs and agencies by appointing incompetent gits. He's destroyed any good will among the countries of the world. He well may take the US into WWIII. He's rubbed the Americans' noses in shit.

Americans are treated like enemies by the Bush cabal. They are spied upon, disappeared and tortured. Absolutely no one is safe from the US government. I've said it before, unless you have no secrets whatsoever such as infidelity, you don't want the government knowing everything about you. Your medical records, emails, IMs, bank records, phone calls are all open to these assholes.

And all the while, the American public is complacent. They're comfortable with the McMansions, fast food and SUVs and they just don't give a damn.

Sooner or later Americans will wake up and realize the country they thought they lived in is gone. They'll realize they have been fucked and will soon crash and burn. Its a matter of time and I hope its soon because they must get a clue or it may be too late to save the republic.

America can't survive 2 more years of Bush and the neo-cons. Its that simple.

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