Sunday, March 04, 2007

US probe uncovers terror financing by Arab Bank: report

And the point is?
US investigators have uncovered evidence that Arab Bank, one of the largest in the Middle East, has channeled tens of millions of dollars from wealthy Saudi Arabians to Palestinian groups that finance suicide bombers and their families, The Los Angeles Times reported on its website Saturday.

I ask because further down in the story is this.
In 2005, the bank agreed to pay the federal government 24 million dollars in fines for violating US laws aimed at preventing terrorist financing, according to the report.

This, folks, is 2007 in case you've forgotten. Are these nefarious activities still happening? Is this information of any use at all in the fight against terrorists? Is anyone placing sanctions on the people and organizations involved?

Twenty four million? Big fucking deal. Its probably reimbursable and little more than pocket change. It takes $60 million more than that to buy one F-15 fighter plane.
Each F-15 cost [Israel] approximately $84 million.

From what I can gather, Saudi Arabia has at least 72 F-15s. I apologize, but I don't have more accurate military hardware info.

So who's kidding who here? Just asking.

I realized I'd left this post a little open-ended. I do not mean to imply the Saudi government is behind this financing. I only referred to the F-15s to put the $24 million in perspective. The financing seems to be coming from private individuals only. Sorry if it appeared otherwise.

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