Monday, April 16, 2007

EPA will cut lead in kids' products

Sometimes its necessary to step back from politics and think what the fuck is going on over here. Ya know? Although technically its still politics.
Companies that make or distribute toys, zippers and other children's products will face tougher government scrutiny to keep out any lead that could poison and kill children or harm their brain development.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agreed, in response to legal pressure, to instruct importers and manufacturers to provide health and safety studies if any lead might be found in their products for children.

OK, they're talking imports as well as local manufacturers, but still...

1. Lead is harmful to children.
2. Toys are for children.
3. Don't put fucking lead in toys.

I don't care what country is making the toys. No executive or engineer should have allowed this once the dangers were known. Its criminal to use lead.

That said, this is exactly what the EPA should be doing. The EPA should be protecting US, especially the children. Good for them.

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