Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Upside of Flaming Cars: Politicians and the Press Exploit the British Terror Attacks

The Brits took these attacks in stride. But the US media ran with the fear factor.
In the wake of the failed car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow, tens of thousands of Brits donned their stiff upper lips on Sunday and took in a concert at Wembley stadium in honor of Princess Diana.

In Washington, opportunistic politicians donned their curled lips and went on the Sunday shows to use the attacks as an excuse to allow the president a freer hand to spy on the American people.

Have I said, "fuck the press" lately? If not I'm overdue.

Come on. Two car bombs were non-issues and the one in Glasgow was so pathetic as to be a laughing matter. The car didn't even enter the fucking building.

Are terrorists a problem? Ya bet your sweet ass they are, but you have a better chance of dying on your commute to work in a traffic accident than being blown into tiny pieces by a terrorist. Face the fucking reality of it all.

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