Friday, September 28, 2007

Bush looks for fix for airline delays

This is just fucking hilarious. Bush doesn't do polls (who cares what people think) and never flies commercial. But he found something he can tackle to look good and tackle it he did. Although he'll probably botch it.
President Bush promised on Thursday to take steps to reduce air traffic congestion and long delays that have left travelers grounded. "Endless hours sitting in an airplane on a runway with no communication between a pilot and the airport is just not right," he said.

Bush met in the Oval Office with Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and acting Federal Aviation Administrator Bobby Sturgell. The president urged Congress to look at legislation to modernize the FAA, and instructed Peters to report back to him quickly about ways to ensure that air passengers are treated appropriately and progress is made to ease congestion.

"We've got a problem," Bush said. "We understand there's a problem. And we're going to address the problem."

Jesus H Christ with too much time on his hands. That last paragraph is so damn funny. It sounds like the idiot Bush in full bloom: We be having problem. We understand da problem. We fix da problem.

Under tags, I almost always include "idiot" with "Bush". unnecessary?

Via Yahoo! News.

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