Monday, September 24, 2007

How Bush May Have Gotten Away with Mass Murder, War Crimes and Torture

If there's any justice in the world, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld will be tried as war criminals, but I'm losing my belief justice does exist.
Bush is desperately seeking ways to avoid prosecution at the Hague for his many war crimes in both Afghanistan and Iraq. This is a long and "tortured" story about how Bush and his cabal have hijacked the apparatus of government and intimidated the Congress. The obvious motive is money --millions made by defense contractors whose business is killing people. It includes Blackwater, another name for Murder, Inc. It's about war, crimes and torture. It's about a "President" who has committed capital crimes and re-wrote the law to absolve himself.

...Found in a recent Keith Olbermann broadcast:

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell tells G-Q magazine he is "sorry" he gave the world wrong information when he told the U-N of the threat Iraq supposedly posed.

Olbermann makes the case that the Bush administration is habitually wrong because being wrong or, worse, a bald faced liar is rewarded. The Bush administration is 180 degrees out of phase with every good and human value be it secular or religious.

WARNING: Do not follow link to Existentialist Cowboy if you have a computer as slow as my fucking computer. I literally took a bathroom break and the damn thing still hadn't stopped screwing around somewhere in the background.

If any of my readers have tons of money or a super fast computer they can send me, let me know. Address will be provided. Nigerians need not respond.

The last paragraph is only partly joking; the Nigerian part is no joke.

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