Monday, September 24, 2007


Or more accurately, emptying my brain which is too full.

Jesus H Christ with a high cholesterol level; what is wrong with Americans?

Americans are allowing their leaders to attack countries which haven’t harmed the US. They implicitly condone “disappearances” and torture. They readily submit to intrusive spying on themselves. They accept their leaders’ lying to them. They look the other way when the government purchases hired guns to operate in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Granted, Americans went to the polls in 2006 and said, “We’re not satisfied with the status quo”. We want to stop the war in Iraq. Ah, but then they sat around with their fingers up their asses as Congress ignored them. Congress voted more money for the meat grinder. No problem.

Is all this predicated upon a desire for “revenge”? Is there some kind of blood lust inherent in Americans? I find that hard to believe, but the evidence is not circumstantial.

Where’s the outrage at how the people of NOLA are being treated? Where’s the outrage at seeing the US economy collapse because of mismanagement which is also dragging down the world’s economies? Where’s the outrage because billions (if not trillions) of dollars of their money has disappeared in the Mid-East?

How many Americans have to lose their jobs due to outsourcing and downsizing before they rebel?

Why do 3,700+ dead soldiers and perhaps 1.2 million Iraqis not enrage every American?

Where’s the “real” concern for climate change? Oh yeah, its 50-100 years away before anyone feels the effects. What if the founding fathers thought that way? No problem, who gives a shit about what America is in 50-100 years? Let’s just handle the short-term.

Speaking of which, why doesn’t every American scream about the trashing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They’ve made America what it is (or was) and few seem to care the two documents have become nothing more than toilet paper.

Doesn’t it bother many that they make one one-thousandth of the salary of their CEO? What about unions? They used to protect workers. Now they are squelched, eliminated or in the company’s pocket.

Don’t get me started on globalization. I have nothing good to say about it.

I’ll end this brain dump or rant with this:

Whatever happened to the majority of Americans’ sense of humanity? Help thy neighbour whether in the US or afar was something which always impressed me about Americans. Now most don’t seem to give a shit. The mantra is: pick yourself up, take care of yourself, don’t be such a fucking wimp.

Now my brain has room for more stuff. Hmmm!!!1!!



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