Friday, October 26, 2007

SWAZILAND: Food or biofuel seems to be the question

I'm not gonna bother linking internally. I've posted so many times about:

1. Biofuels are not the answer to energy problems. They aren't "clean" either.
2. Biofuels remove land from food production. And the poor suffer for it.
3. Water is going to be the next oil. People will wage wars over it.
The government of Swaziland announced this week that it would be allocating thousands of hectares [2.471 acres] to a private company to cultivate cassava for biofuel. About 40 percent of the country's one million people are facing acute food and water shortages.

It seems obvious the Swaziland government is more concerned with money rolling in than feeding its people. Greed raises its ugly head again.

IRIN has more stories on this.

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