Monday, December 03, 2007

Asia-Pacific Water Summit opens in Japan

FINALLY! Someone is taking this problem seriously. I've posted many times about this such as here, here, here.

So basically this is SPIIDERWEB™ patting himself on the back until his arm breaks. I'm so Pompous. (blush)

I'm gonna climb up on my high horse. Wow, I'm so high up here the people look like ants.

"Those are ants."


The first Asia-Pacific Water Summit opened Monday in the southern Japanese city of Beppu, with Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda expressing hopes that it will give new impetus to environmental discussions at the next Group of Eight (G8) summit in July 2008.

I've obsessed about this problem because I believe its gonna be huge. It also ties in with climate change which I've also fixated on.

To tie it all up in a nice bow, this is why expending billions (trillions?) of dollars to kill people in the Mid-East is obscene. And that doesn't even address the loss of American lives which is far more important than the monetary cost.

Spend the fucking money to save the world, not destroy it and its people. Idiot-in-chief, it matters not if Iraq has democracy if the climate and lack of water will kill everyone anyway. Nor does it matter how much oil the US has if your children or grandchildren are dead.

Via Japan Herald.

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