Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Europe offers steeper greenhouse gas cuts

First the snippet.
The EU on Tuesday again dangled the prospect of even steeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions across Europe to fight global warming -- but only if the rest of the world follows suit.

A couple thoughts.

(1) If the steeper cuts make sense, make them. Don't be concerned about other's joining you. Yes, you probably will take economic hits and become less competitive, but do what's right. Someone has to lead the way.

(2) This is exactly what a world leading nation, such as, oh, let's say the US, should be suggesting. At this rate the US will become a world leader in things negative.

You know what I mean. World leader against the Kyoto Protocol, killing the most innocent people daily (contestable), selling arms to almost any nation intent on killing its neighbors, greenhouse gas emissions*, medical costs, infant mortality rate among developed nations**, consuming petrochemicals. You know. The usual.

I'm probably missing something, but it seems to me there is nothing the US is a world leader in which is positive. Certainly nothing that's positive for the rest of the world.

* Actually the US has dropped into second place on this one, behind China. But number two is still a world leader, right?

** Only second highest rate on this one. Certainly not something worth bragging about.

Via AFP.

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