Thursday, December 20, 2007

War on Christmas™

All of this War on Christmas™ shit is supposed to be tongue in cheek, but it seems it isn't just a joke to everyone.
A man dressed as Santa Claus was knocked unconscious by a thrown object that hit his face while he was riding on the back of a truck decorated as a sleigh.

Kevin Smith was riding on a sleigh-themed truck as Santa when something hit him in the face and knocked him out.

Kevin Smith says he never saw what hit him Saturday. Whatever it was, it broke his nose and gave him a concussion and two black eyes.

"One second I was up there waving to people, and the next minute I wasn't," Smith said.

He was taking part in Santa Run, sponsored by the firefighters union, which features off-duty firefighters who dress up as Santa and ride through residential areas handing out candy to children.

Other volunteers realized something was wrong after they hadn't heard from Smith for a few minutes. They stopped the truck and found him lying unconscious.

"It pretty much cold-cocked him," fire Lt. Scott Himelspach said. [emphasis mine]

I'm of two minds on this. Picturing it is funny. I can see "Santa" dropping like a rock out cold. If I saw that in a movie I'd laugh my ass off.

But this resulted in real, not "movie", injuries and they ought to throw the fucking book at the person who did this if they find out who it was.

Smith was volunteering his time to be a good citizen. He should be applauded, not stoned or whatever.

BTW, the two emphasized quotes are great.


Via Japan Herald.

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