Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What Made My Year Special

US Navy SEAL insignia

Purportedly written by Dim bulb Son.
Every year about this time, the Christmas decorations come down and Washington gets ready to go back to work. In these quiet moments, Laura and I like to take stock of the year that has passed. Inevitably we find that our most treasured memories revolve around the extraordinary people we have met. These men and women inspire us, they touch our hearts, and they remind us of the true strength of our nation.

Dan and Maureen Murphy are two of these people. In June 2005, their son—Lt. Michael Murphy, a Navy SEAL—was conducting surveillance in Afghanistan when his four-man team came under attack. Lt. Murphy moved into a clearing where he could get a signal to call for help for his men, knowing it would make him a target. As he made the call, he came under heavy fire that cost him his life.

OK, the first sentence contains polysyllabic words which just scream ghostwriter.

Ah, but then it gets better. There's just nothing like the fucking death of a Navy SEAL to make the year that much more special.

Jesus H Christ in Scuba gear, Bush is such a goddamn asshole.

Via Parade.



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