Thursday, January 10, 2008


OK, I'm gonna expose my naiveté here.

Do you have to be corrupt to be in politics? Do politics make you corrupt? Are all these people guilty or is it just politics?

I could have gone on, but I got too fucking tired. I also didn't search for graft and excluded corporate corruption which is rampant.
S.Africa's Zuma vows to fight graft charges - report

SKorea court rules for probe into president-elect

Thaksin's wife arrested on graft charges

Thai prosecutors vow to arrest former PM Thaksin

Corruption investigator, Gerrie Nel, is charged with fraud and ...

Arroyo dared to prosecute TESDA chief for corruption

Botswana: The Cancerous Corruption

38 corruption tip-offs received through new government internet portal

Another ex-Nigerian state governor to be tried for corruption

Newark’s Ex-Mayor to Face 2 Trials on Corruption Charges

Nigeria: Corruption - 29 Ex-Govs Must Face Trial - Isekhure

Senator Faces Allegations of Corruption

Zambian president sacks minister over corruption

City subpoenaed in corruption probe

Corruption’s "perversity" must be confronted, Justice minister ...

Nigerian Corruption Official Faces Removal

Medan mayor detained for alleged corruption

Nigeria: Klieg Light On Corruption

I think I've made my point.



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