Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cat blogging

Too fucking cute!

At least it isn't a cat. CAT!



Blogger Lisa said...

Adorable. One of these little guys, a few weeks more mature, came crawling up my screen door one night. I took him to the local animal rescue. I hope he is well.

2/18/2008 01:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Mohka said...

That's the cutest thing i've ever seen!

4/02/2012 06:34:00 PM  
Anonymous red wall art said...

Ahh that is cute, you should keep it as a pet!

5/09/2012 05:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Cutest baby possum I've ever seen!

5/10/2012 11:15:00 PM  
Anonymous canvas art print said...

Awww I want one!

5/14/2012 08:28:00 PM  

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