Friday, February 15, 2008

Personal and US is fucked

For a while I worked for PAY n PAK which was bought out by Eagle Hardware which was bought out by Lowe's.

The big gobble up the smaller.

This is the best representative of the PAY n PAK logo I could find. Its like PAY n PAK doesn't exist on the internets tubes except as an Eagle or Lowe's store or a fucking unlimited hydroplane boat.

I would scan the PAY n PAK patch on one of the shirts or caps I have, but can't find one right now.

BTW, we who worked at PAY n PAK were ecstatic whenever "The Pride of PAY n Pak" won an unlimited hydroplane race. And that fucking boat stomped the best. And, should any Pakr's [my word creation] read this, we were very proud of our orange and white team (the colors of our required shirts).

Eagle was a pretty good organization. They hired competent people and ran the stores well.

Lowe's is also a good organization which basically changed nothing about Eagle Hardware from the customers' standpoint.

Here's where the fucking really person shit kicks in. Most of my life I lived in Everett WA. It was sans PAY n PAK, but we had an Eagles Hardware, later to become Lowe's and a Thurmond's. It was DIY (Do It Yourself) heaven.

Now we fucking change gears like an F1 race car.

When working for PAY n PAK, I saw Dave Heerensperger systematically change from US produced products to PAY n PAK branded products produced in China.

Yeah, the customers wanted lower and lower prices and, of course, PAY n PAK profits didn't increase. Muahahaha.

Oh yeah, Heerensperger was a fucking piece of work. He visited a store and asked to see the manager. The employees told him the manager was across the street (I think at a bar), Heerensperger went across the street to confirm what he was told and went back to the store, sent everyone home and chained the doors. This is all hearsay, but I trust the sources.

I did witness Heerensperger's entering a store, saw a light display he didn't like and tore the whole fucking thing down. Such a lovely man.

Why is it the most successful people in US society are also assholes? Just asking.

Stanley Thurman. You will be interested in his story.

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