Saturday, February 02, 2008

Must read IMHO


As always, Christopher has done good. He has the latest on Lebanon, Hezbollah, Amal.

Basically he believes those who think Hezbollah wants to take over the government are incorrect and he has good arguments.
Anyone paying any attention to al-wada (the situation) in Lebanon knows things ain’t good. The weather is affecting everything, from food deliveries to electricity. Skiing’s good up in Faraya, I hear, though.

Last weekend’s unrest was extremely unsettling. Seven people were killed and now Hezbollah and Amal are calling for revenge against the Army. March 8 — the Hezbollah-led opposition — is looking more and more intransigent, and unwilling to come to any solution other than a complete caving of the government to their demands: veto power in the cabinet, picking the president and a lock-in to the Syrian orbit.




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