Sunday, February 17, 2008

On Superdelegates and Momentum

Not the fragrance of jasmine

I won't get into the ethics of courting superdelegates. Its how the game legally can be played whether it suits me or not.

What doesn't suit me is the fact there are superdelegates at all. Being somewhat politically naive in some respects, I'd never heard of these people who can negate your voice. Its pure bullshit and unacceptable in any democracy.


Combine superdelegates with Diebold and the US becomes nothing more than a banana republic.

Hahaha. And you thought you were in control? Don't fucking kid yourself.
Over the past two weeks, superdelegates have emerged from the political shadows -- becoming in short order the most heavily targeted 800 (or so) people in the country by the two remaining Democratic presidential candidates.

Via The Fix.



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