Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Strange brew

This post might go anywhere, but I think it will be focused. But then, I think I can win the LOTTO. Which isn't a stretch because I've won more than I've invested.

I mentioned I've been invited to participate in an audio interview at Snapvine. My guess is they randomly choose sites from Technorati, but what the hell. Still not sure I'll do it, but I decided to put together some notes in case I choose to try it. They're below. If you read SPIIDERWEB™ regularly you can skip those notes because the only thing new I will get to shortly.

It was an interesting exercise in that two things came to mind. Always a maximum of two because my pea brain can't handle more.

First off is I endorse Clinton. I'm sure this will immediately elicit emails or phone calls (AT&T can give out my number) from her camp praising me for my superior judgment and thanking me profusely but I can handle that shit.

The second is why. Its the network stupid.

Clinton has been to many countries and talked with heads of state. She knows them and they know her. Obama is isolated. He's visited few foreign countries and knows no one. That's a huge gap in qualifications.

Imagine you have to give a sales pitch to a group of people. Who do you prefer, a bunch of strangers or people who consider you a friend and are inclined to trust you? Just asking.

And if Hillary doesn't know someone she has Bill who is one fucking charismatic guy and almost universally admired world-wide.

Does that mean I see Hillary as the second coming of Bill. Hahaha. You're joking, right?

HRC is a very intelligent woman who will administer her office her own way, but she, being intelligent, knows exactly what cards she holds and will play them as needed.

Actually, for me, this post is pretty fucking focused.

Notes for podcast


John McCain I can’t support in any way. He’s one step shy of a neocon if not actually one. He also envisions a 100 year presence in Iraq which is ludicrous. That’s US imperialism.

Clinton and Obama agree on many things. Bringing the troops home or redeploying them to Afghanistan, my preference, doesn’t seem high on their priority lists, but I believe more likely than with McCain.

I’m inclined to support Obama on healthcare issues. However neither candidate seems to support the universal healthcare I would like to see.

It’s a tossup between Clinton and Obama, but I’d have to say I believe Clinton has the experience required to run this country and, though part of the DNC machine, is more likely to make Americans proud again of being American.

A huge plus for Clinton is the network. She has talked with heads of state throughout the world. She knows them and they know her whereas Obama is isolated.


In no particular order in that all are important.

Universal healthcare, not universal health coverage: Get the insurance companies out of it. A modified and improved version of the Canadian model would be a good start.
Economic reform: Leaving Iraq would do much to improve the US economy in that it’s a money pit. Budget cuts are imperative. No more handouts to the wealthy in the form of “tax breaks”.

US occupation of other countries and preemptive attacks: Preemptive attacks should be eliminated from foreign policy. Occupation should never be used.

Net neutrality: To my mind, the beauty of the internet is its unlimited availability and usage. Absolutely no limits should be set on it.

Security: I have no doubts everything needed to protect US citizens is provided by FISA. Internal spying on citizens is repugnant.

Rule of law: The Constitution and Bill of Rights must be re-constituted ASAP. We also need to set limits on what signing statements can do. If they appear to negate laws, Congress must have the authority to kill them.

War crimes: Both Bush and Cheney should be tried for war crimes, preferably at the Hague.

Spending: Absolutely everything the government buys or pays for must be by competitive bid. No more bid-less contracts with businesses.

Climate change and protecting the environment: Both are immensely important and must be addressed ASAP.

Katrina: Its disgusting how the southern states have been ignored when it comes to rebuilding after Katrina and other devastating storms.

Political finance reform: I believe transparent governmental financing of elections is paramount. Who can pull in the largest sums of money from businesses and lobbyists should not determine competitiveness. And the amount of money spent on campaigns is ridiculous.



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