Monday, March 03, 2008

Too kewl

Content Warning

Some readers may find the content of this blog objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

This is too kewl. I'm fucking offending people I don't even know. What's with that garbage. Yeah!

Come on. What the fuck? I have the profanity warning!!!1!! If some can't handle this goddamn shit I say, "Fuck 'em and I'd prefer they not read SPIIDERWEB™."

Jesus H Christ on PROZAC®. I hate it when the meds wear off. Now where did I put those fucking razor blades?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Texas girl loves your blog! I look forward to reading it every day. For all those that don't may I suggest a Disney site where you can fill your head with nonsense and you can stay in your fantasy world. Keep on bloggin Spiider!

3/04/2008 01:40:00 AM  
Blogger Ted Compton said...

I saw that! Dude, I was impressed! Blogger never labels my blog hazardous; I must be doing something wrong.

3/04/2008 03:18:00 AM  
Blogger SPIIDERWEB™ said...

Texas girl,

Thank you. I appeal to Texas girls and actually married one.

I agree. If my site offends someone they don't have to visit. They also don't have to warn the world.


Just follow my lead and use lots of profanity. That'll do it for ya.

The sad thing is visitors must now click to enter. Hope they can handle the extra strain without developing carpal tunnel.

3/04/2008 08:24:00 PM  

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