Monday, May 05, 2008

The destruction of our highway system

I really have nothing much to add. The federal gas tax moratorium is ludicrous. When the cost of food and other commodities (if available) are skyrocketing, this doesn't even amount to a fucking band aid. Its pandering to the hoi polloi to keep them quiet.
That's right folks. To save a family of four $70 this summer, (according to HIllary) or $37 (according to most far more reputable sources) Hillary will cut the federal gas tax for three months. In exchange for that fiasco, gas companies can push up prices, knowing that $4.00 is not even a psychological barrier anymore.

But here's the real good news. 350,000 US citizens, (possibly far more - see below) many of you union workers, will be fired this summer. Anyone who lays tar, pours concrete, makes and ties rebar, fills pot holes, does welding to repair cracks in bridges, builds new roads, or fixes and expands existing ones, every single one of you will be fired this summer.

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