Monday, May 26, 2008

Myanmar aid effort stalls as French ship turns back

French Navy ship FS Mistral

This is really starting to piss me off just in case anyone gives a shit.

Any reasonable individual, apparently a foreign concept among Myanmar's military regime, should be able to distinguish between a military vessel used in warfare and its being used as a fucking cargo ship. What the hell do they think the ship is gonna do; tie up in port and start shelling the country? Look closely at the photo and tell me how many big guns you can spot. Like nothing, zero, none, zilch, null, nada, zip, nil, nuttin?

The junta is "governing" the country. Governing should not be allowing your people to suffer and die for lack of aid supplies. The job is to HELP YOUR FUCKING PEOPLE!
Efforts to deliver life-saving aid to Myanmar's cyclone victims hit trouble Monday as France turned back a ship laden with supplies, citing its shock at the resistance of Yangon's military regime.

The military vessel carrying 1,000 tonnes of aid for the battered Irrawaddy Delta was instead sent to Thailand to be handed to the World Food Programme for distribution, the French defence and foreign ministries said in a statement.

The move was a further blow to the international community's attempts to help desperate survivors still short of food, water and shelter more than three weeks after Cyclone Nargis hit the country.

The French ship, the Mistral, had been poised to deliver enough aid to help 100,000 people.

The ministries said they were "particularly shocked that the Myanmar authorities did not accept that 1,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid... could not be directly unloaded and distributed."

"Nothing... can justify the victims of a catastrophe being denied the basic right to the necessary aid," the ministerial statement said late Sunday.

This all makes me highly suspicious. The junta keeps asking for foreign aid (in the form of money) and readily accepts it, but not tangible supplies that can help the people immediately? Sounds to me like they can't have the level of corruption they require from bottled water as opposed to cash.

I think all monetary aid should be denied them from any countries turned away when they arrive with supplies. Make that simple stipulation before sending cash.

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