Friday, May 30, 2008

Tutu blasts international 'complicity' over Gaza (AFP)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

You see? There are reasonable people in the world. Sadly they are rarely heeded.

You can file this under: OMG! Did he really suggest that?

Israel might as well just bomb the shit out of Gaza. Level the whole fucking place. It would lessen the pain and interminable suffering.

They're starving the people, denying them medicine, feed for livestock and fuel.

I know something about this. Without my daily medicine for hypertension, I would most likely die.

They're engaged in slow motion genocide and the world doesn't seem to care. Israel's actions amount to terrorism.
South African Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu on Thursday denounced what he called the international community's silence and complicity over the situation in the besieged Gaza Strip.

"My message to the international community is that our silence and complicity, especially on the situation in Gaza, shames us all," Tutu said at the end of a three-day UN fact-finding mission to the impoverished Palestinian territory.

"Gaza needs the engagement of the outside world, especially its peacemakers," the Anglican archbishop said at a news conference.

The overcrowded sliver of land is strangled by a tight blockade and faced with almost daily military raids which Israel says are aimed at forcing militants to halt rocket and mortar attacks.

"I think what we've seen shows plenty of evidence of at least the possibility of war crimes that needs much further independent investigation," said British professor Christine Chinkin, who travelled to Gaza with Tutu.

"I would certainly say the concept of collective punishment in a situation of occupation constitutes the notion of war crimes and possibly of a crime against humanity," she said in reference to the Israeli-imposed embargo.

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