Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The War Camp in Death Throes is Intent on Striking Iran

Nuke them before they can nuke us.

Please pay close attention to the last paragraph which causes goddamn shivers when juxtaposed with the second article.
The most aggressive posturing and accusations against Iran, yet issued by Washington, signal the rapid closure of the window of opportunity for peace which opened up following the release of the US' National Intelligence Estimate in December 07 concluding that there was no evidence of a nuclear weaponisation programme in Iran. This revelation which was concordant with the IAEA's own repeated assessment over 5 years of intrusive inspections, and which had been held from publication by the Vice President Cheney for over a year with the aim of altering its key findings, put a spanner in the frightfully accelerating wheel to another war and a potential inferno in the Middle East and beyond.

However, it seems that the war camp led by Cheney have regained the lost ground and are furtively peddling for war before Bush leaves office next January. Bush's speech to the Israeli Knesset, 15th May, evoking, once again, the spectre of the world war, likening Iran to 1938 pre-war Nazi Germany, and rebuking Obama's willingness for dialogue with Iran on par with "appeasement of Hitler", followed by the reporting of the Israeli army radio of behind the doors expressions of intent by the US to attack [link in original] Iran before the end of his term, has sounded the alarm bells across a wide spectrum of political observers and analysts.

Darth Cheney and the idiot both know once a conflagration in the Mid-East is begun it will be nearly impossible for the next US President to stop it.

Iran has a gigantic target on it.
AS ISRAEL [caps in original] pursues peace talks with Syria, speculation is growing that the Jewish state will seriously consider unilateral military action against Iran within the next year. Israeli intelligence is now estimating that Iran will master centrifuge technology and be able to begin enriching uranium by the end of this year, 12 months ahead of schedule. As a result, Israeli military officials believe the Islamic republic could have a nuclear weapon by the middle of 2009.

If the moron doesn't attack, he sure as hell intends to agitate Israel into doing it. Why else would he specifically, in a prepared speech in Israel among the Jewish people, bring up the fucking specter of 1938 pre-war Nazi Germany? Just asking.

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